How the programme works

We offer a 10 week outpatient programme for anyone who needs to break the cycle of addiction but is either unable to commit to the residential programme, or who is not suitable for it at this time. Your assessment counsellor will give guidance and advice about which programme you should be entering.

During the outpatients programme you will attend 3 sessions per week here at the Rutland Centre. Two of these sessions will be group therapy, facilitated by our specialist addiction counselling team and the third will be a 1:1 counselling session.

The programme includes the following aspects:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Individualised treatment planning
  • Group therapy (client centred)
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • 1:1 counselling sessions
  • Family counselling sessions

Clients who are best suited to the outpatients programme include those who:

  • Have minimal or no risk of severe withdrawal
  • Have well managed or no medical conditions that would distract from treatment
  • Can demonstrate a readiness to work towards change but require the support of a structured environment to achieve this
  • Need close support and monitoring to maintain abstinence
  • Have support and good coping skills