Family Support

We understand that addiction affects not only the person themselves, but family, friends and work colleagues too. We refer to all those affected by someone’s addiction as a “Concerned Person”.

We believe strongly that concerned persons must also support in their own journey to recovery and this is an important part of the treatment we provide.

During the residential treatment, we expect that all clients will have concerned persons present on at least three occasions for group therapy. Tuesday is normally Concerned Person day and clients very often say it was the important part of their treatment. Download our information sheet for concerned persons here. This sheet will also tell you about our concerned person support group which we run every Tuesday as well as what to expect while here!

Download our PDF on Concerned Persons Workshop. The next workshop is scheduled for 13th April 2024 and places can be booked by phoning reception.

Download our Concerned Person Booklet which will tell you all you need to know about your involvement in your loved one's treatment program

How to help someone with addiction

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