Why Rutland Centre

Thousands have people have completed the treatment programs here at Rutland over the last 46 years and we have had huge successes across the board. Historically we have led the field in publishing our outcomes. You can find some of our older outcomes and service evaluation here.

Why choose the Rutland Centre for yourself or your loved one?

1. Our Successes

In 2021 90% of service users who commenced their treatment with us, completed the program. Of those who completed, 75% progressed on to our aftercare program which continues for up to 2 years after treatment.

We continue to support family members during and after treatment. 25% of our those who commenced in aftercare in 2021 were loved ones of the service user and will continue to be supported for up to 2 years after treatment has completed.

Recovery means so much more than whether or not a person has used a substance or engaged in a process behaviour. It is about physical, emotional and mental well being - looking at a person as whole human rather than as defined by the status of their sobriety.

However, we acknowledge that addiction is a relapsing condition and we have strong support structures in place to support our service users and family members if this happens. Each week in aftercare we run 22 separate groups including mainstream, stabilisation, re-entry and transition. In 2021, 53% of those who relapsed and remained engaged with us were supported, or are currently still being supported back into recovery.

2. Our treatment program

Rutland Centre provides treatment for individuals with substance and/or behavioural addictions. We are informed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine which defines addiction as “a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits’ leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations”. We focus on the primary nature of addiction and the harmful consequences for the dependent person and their loved ones.

We deliver a trauma- informed integrative model of treatment, that includes various modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Person Centred Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Choice Theory/ Reality Therapy as per individual client need.

The 12-Step/Minnesota model remains a key cornerstone in our treatment approach. This model strongly advocates for ‘alcoholics and addicts helping each other’ and informs our philosophy of group process and relating and sharing honestly with like-minded others as being fundamental in treating addiction.

3. Our treatment team

Using this integrative approach means that we have the best team on hand to lead you through your treatment. Led by Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist Dr John O Connor, and Head of Clinical Services Emma Kavanagh, our team is comprised of psychologists, assistant psychologists, psychotherapists and specialist addiction counsellors.

4. Our Privacy Promise

We know that addiction is deeply distressing for individuals and families and while we always strive to break down the associated stigma, your privacy is paramount to us. That’s why so many individuals choose the Rutland Centre – our safe environment, our private house and gardens, and our commitment to your confidentiality means that you can put all your energy into your treatment.

5. Our Family Focus

We understand the ripple effect of addiction – and we see on a daily basis the number of people affected by one individual’s addiction. That’s why we have worked hard to evolve our program so that family is at the heart of what we do and so that family recovery is the goal.

Family members are invited to attend therapy on a Tuesday during their loved ones treatment and family members are offered access to our aftercare program free of charge upon completion of the program.

Before, during and after treatment, our services are available to families and we endeavour to help any family member in need – that may be from the very earliest stages of having that conversation with your loved one in active addiction, right through to supporting your recovery a year later.

6. Our Location

Located just 3 minutes from Exit 12 of the M50 in Dublin, we are easy to access and easy to find. You and your loved ones won’t need to enter the city and we are accessible from all major routes.

Our house and gardens provide you with a sanctuary during your stay; overlooked by the Dublin Mountains, you will feel a million miles away from the city.

7. Our Charitable Status

We are a registered charity (CHY11452) and fully compliant with the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRN 20031411).

We are here for you

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Here’s what some past client’s had to say about choosing the Rutland Centre

Coming in with no expectations, in addiction, the programme has changed my life. Shown me a way to recovery, given me a glimpse of a far better future. The challenges, self learning, searching my past has changed, challenged a life time of self criticism and poor self esteem.

The Rutland is a safe, caring environment. For the first time in my life I felt able to open up and be honest. The centre is supportive in every possible way and all of the staff here are wonderful and their continuing care is invaluable, particularly my counsellors Paul and Trish.

The empathy, warmth, and challenges posed. The safety felt within it. The ability to express my feelings in open honest way for the first time in my life. The knowledge I have learned from counsellors I know from 1st day were professional, sympathetic and well learned.

I loved my one to one. I loved group therapy. I loved all the staff at the Rutland. They were all so helpful. They were all heart. I loved everything about the Rutland and I’ve noting bad to say.

I liked how friendly all members of staff were. I also liked the care and support the counsellors gave to me.

It made me realise there is more to life than drinking

The quality of the group therapy sessions the professionalism of the counselling staff/nurses, the range of themes covering the lectures

I felt safe and received amazing support throughout my stay Counselling was brilliant as were all the staff, I fell in love with mindfulness, yoga, stress management. My two counsellors Mary and Teresa I owe them my life, cannot speak highly enough of them

When you’re ready, we’re ready

We know that reaching a point where a person is ready and able for treatment can be a long time coming. We also are acutely aware that if a person is not ready and willing to change, treatment is very unlikely to deliver the outcome so badly desired by the person and their family.

That’s why when you or your loved one is ready for treatment we will do our best to complete the assessment and the admission as quickly as possible. There are no long waiting lists and once you meet the required abstinent guidelines, we’ll be ready to start your treatment. We are open all year around - we don't close over Christmas, Easter or during the summer so that we know we are here when you need us! 

Did you know that most referrals come from an individual themselves or from a family member

So all you need to do to get started is pick up the phone – call us any time for advice our support or to make an appointment. We’re ready when you are!

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