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Trends and Demographics 2021

Of all those who entered our program in 2021, 90% completed the it. Of these people, 75% progressed in to our continuing care (aftercare) program which offers support for up to 2 years. Some others returned back to their referring agency for support or we referred to alternative after care programs with specialized supports.  

Our aftercare program is designed to give support to all our service users no matter where they are in their recovery journey. We have 15 mainstream, peer led groups every week. We also have 3 Concerned Person groups each week for a nominated family member or loved one to attend for up to 2 years because we know that the whole family needs to support to recover. We also have weekly stabilization and re-entry groups which are for anyone who may have relapsed or who is struggling with their recovery. These groups offer a higher level of support and are led by the Rutland Centre aftercare team and the support is designed to help a person re-engage, regain their abstinence and re-join the mainstream groups when ready.

In 2021 alcohol remained the top addiction treated for. 64% of clients entered treatment for a primary alcohol addiction. 35% of all clients presenting for treatment presented with a secondary addiction, with alcohol accounting for 35% of all secondary addictions and cocaine accounting for 20% of all secondary addictions.

In 2021 cocaine continued to be the most popular drug of choice for those entering treatment. 62% of all drug users entering treatment cited cocaine as their primary.

Residential Programme 2021
Status of 2021 Aftercare Joiners
Age Breakdown 2021

Clients who complete the program tell us what they think:

"The professionalism of the staff, the willingness of other clients to help one another, the strength of the continuing care program – all excellent”

“It gave me a chance to slow down and become aware of my feelings for the first time in 37 years. Group therapy was excellent, a great help”

“I loved my one to one. All the staff were so helpful, it made me realise there is more to life than drinking”

“The counselling was second to none and my learnings and my self-awareness have increased so much. I am leaving with many tools to proceed to a better life”

“I felt safe and received amazing support throughout my stay”

“I liked how friendly all members of staff were. I liked the care and support they gave to me”

“It was intense, tough, which was exactly what is required”

“Made me feel human again, I met some good people”

“Coming in with no expectations, in addiction, the programme has changed my life. Shown me a way to recovery, given me a glimpse of a far better future. The challenges, self-learning, searching my past has changed, challenged, a lifetime of self-criticism and poor self-esteem”

How to help someone with addiction

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