I want to help a colleague

Because addiction is so pervasive, we know that you will spot the symptoms of addiction in the people you work with, study with, or play sport with. Learn about how to help those in need.

Let's share the burden

Because addiction is so pervasive in our society, we understand, and we see first-hand, that people with addictions are people who make it work in the morning, who play on the same sports team as us, or who are in our class in college!

It can be frustrating for you as a colleague or teammate in a variety of ways – maybe you’re carrying the burden of work? Maybe you’re worried for their health and welfare?

It could be the case that you suspect someone has a problem but are not sure and don’t know who talk to!

Fortunately, many employers and sporting bodies today recognise that people battling addiction need support and rehabilitation – and we see so many cases every year where clients who have received this support and rehabilitation go back to working, back to playing sport and back to college.

If you are worried about someone – even if you suspect there is a problem why not call us confidentially to discuss? We can help you answer some of your questions, help identify what addictive behaviour may look like, and we can give advice about where the next best place to turn is!

Call us any time at 01-4946358

If you’re not ready to make that call yet, have you considered speaking confidentially to your HR manager? Or has your organisation got a welfare department? Maybe student union services can offer you advice? It could be that your team manager can help!

Don’t be surprised that when you do speak to someone, they too have noticed there’s a problem – this will ease the burden on you and for that reason alone it is worth the chat!

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