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Rutland Centre will help you reach a point of acceptance and readiness while also supporting family members.

We understand how you feel

What if I’m not ready for treatment or if my loved one is not ready for treatment?

It can be frustrating for family members and loved ones, but it can often be the case that an individual may not be ready to enter into treatment just yet. There is no singular universal reason for this – everyone’s journey in and out of addiction is different, but what we try to do here at the Rutland Centre is to help each person reach a point of acceptance and readiness while supporting family members who may really want a quick solution or need action now.

In our experience, a person will not change because somebody else wanted them – they must accept their addiction and want to change themselves for recovery to be really achievable.

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Our core values:

  • We believe every person is capable of change.

  • We believe every person who is trapped by the cycle of addiction wants help.

  • We believe that no-one can change anyone else.

In this respect, we try to support individuals in active addiction and their loved ones in a number of ways during the early stages of seeking help or looking at treatment options that may include:

  • One to one counselling for both the individual and/or loved ones

  • “Prep” group – weekly group to help individuals reach a point of acceptance and readiness

  • Family mobilisation sessions – fortnightly advice sessions for family members

  • Family Workshops – one-day workshops on recovery, family dynamics, and support and advice for the family in the period during and after treatment.

We feel that when change happens in one part of the family system it can often promote change in another – one example may be by attending a Family Intervention Workshop; it may be the case that during this workshop family members learn how to avoid enabling a person in addiction. This significant change often pre-empts a person to seek treatment themselves.

For further information on any of our supports available to you please ring us anytime.

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