I want to help a loved one

Addiction has a huge impact on the lives of family members and friends. We understand that it can a difficult issue to address with someone who is trapped by an addiction but seeking professional help is the first step.

We are here to listen

Addiction has a huge impact on the lives of family members and friends and we understand that it can be really difficult to broach the subject with someone who is trapped by alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, pornography or sex.

We understand that you are probably worried sick, feeling isolated, and perhaps trying to keep family life together – simply surviving. You can talk to us, and we can help you. You can call us anytime – you don’t need to have the approval of the person battling addiction, and you don’t need to wait. You need support now, and we are here to provide that.

By speaking with one of our addiction specialists, we can give you some real advice on how to cope with addiction. We can help you initiate a conversation with your loved one and we can help you both embark on a journey of recovery and rehabilitation.

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What will happen next?

We can help you gain some clarity – Is he/she in active addiction? Am I right to seek help? How do I protect myself? We can help you answer some of these questions.. We can help you encourage your loved one to come in and meet with us for an assessment. This is the first step to entering rehabilitation – and the first step to a new life free from addiction. We can offer you support through various meetings and workshops we hold regularly specifically for loved ones

Call us anytime at 01-4946358

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