We care for you even after you leave

All graduates of the residential program and the outpatients program are required to enter in our continuing care program for 12 to 24 months after their treatment finishes. Participating in our Continuing Care Program immediately following your treatment is a vital part of a successful recovery. A personalised approach is applied in the development of your care plan and begins in the last couple of weeks of your treatment. You will work with your counsellors and a continuing care coordinator to help formulate your Recovery Plan and support group assignment.

Whilst treatment at the Rutland Centre is generally very successful, staying sober or clean is not easy and requires constant commitment. It is important that you attend your continuing care group and your fellowship meetings (AA, GA, NA and so on). It means practising the disciplines of recovery one day at a time, and being vigilant and mindful of triggers towards possible relapse.

As you leave treatment, you will be required to attend Relapse Prevention Sessions which focus on identifying and recognising the factors leading to relapse, addressing the issues and learning new techniques and disciplines to avoid relapse. This group meet every Saturday morning and provide vital support for you in your transition.

The continuing care office is the focal point of the continuing care program and we are available to assist your transition and support you in any way you can. It is important to your recovery that you stay connected to all supports. If it's a quick check-in or a concern, we are still there for you after you leave the house.

Remember - it's much better for you to ring us before a relapse than afterwards!