5 Years of Recovery Month

Recovery Month is an international initiative each September. One of its aims is to promote awareness and understanding of addiction and recovery. Additionally, Recovery Month (sometimes referred to as ‘International Recovery Month’) seeks to champion and celebrate individuals from all walks of life who have managed to carry out a successful recovery. 2020 marks 5 years of Recovery Month at Rutland Centre 

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David's Story

Helen's Story

I never thought I would ever have to check into somewhere like The Rutland - in no derogatory slight to this centre in particular, I mean I never thought I’d have to darken the doors as a patient in The Rutland, The Priory, or any rehab centre at all.

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Mary's Story

I was diagnosed with many different forms of psychiatric illnesses, and was heavily medicated over the years, I lived in fear of my own mind. My alcohol consumption increased and with that I lost my self-worth, my self-respect and caused much pain and concern to all of those who loved me.

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Amy's Story

I was 18 when I was first hospitalised with anorexia and 30 when I entered the last treatment centre, and I hope it is the final one. I am 8 and a half years in recovery. Recovery means more to me than simply abstinence; it’s my ability to participate in my life – to take life as it comes and not how I wish it came.

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Sarah's Story

I am the second eldest of five children. My own family life was ruled by fear, abuse, drink and gambling - a total dysfunction to start with. Had I been asked when I was a child ‘How is your family life?’ I would have answered ‘Fine’. It was my normal, so it was fine to me.

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Addiction: Recovery. A Recovery Month Special.

24 September 2019
Sport, Addiction and Recovery Podcast
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Recovery Month 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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Young addicts: ‘For every two pints friends drank, I drank four’

Two young men talk about their challenges on the road from addiction to recovery

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Former clients of the Rutland Centre were on the Sean O'Rourke show.

These inspiring young men and women are in Recovery from various and in some cases multiple addictions.

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