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Father’s Day Blog - Mind Your Men

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In 2016, 65% of the people who entered residential treatment for addiction treatment in the Rutland Centre, were men. The majority of these men were aged between 25 and 44 years and the second largest age group was the 45 - 65 years group. Alcohol, drugs and gambling remain the biggest challenge for these men and in most cases men presenting to the Rutland Centre will have an addiction to more than one substance or behaviour.

With Father’s Day next week, The Rutland Centre is now highlighting the importance for family members to recognise the signs of addiction in men and how to seek support for themselves and their family members if it’s required.

Some signs that someone might be struggling with addiction include:

  1. Preoccupation with the addictive behaviour – for example gambling, drugs or drinking.

  2. Thinking about it more often, and finding more ways to engage in the addictive behaviour across the day/week.

  3. Beginning to feel shame and guilt related to the activity, but doing it anyway.

  4. Withdrawing from relationships with family or friends to engage in the activity and perhaps starting to associate with new friends where the behaviour is acceptable.

  5. Hiding the gambling, drinking or drug taking from family or friends.

  6. Spending more than you intend to, or can afford to on the activity.

  7. Chasing/trying to regain losses by gambling more if gambling is the addiction.

  8. Mood swings/tension/stress/unhappiness/depression.

  9. Spending money that is not yours on the activity.

  10. Being unable to stop despite your best efforts

Individuals experiencing these symptoms or family members who are worried about another family member are encouraged to contact the Rutland Centre

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