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Know the signs of Gambling Addiction

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15th March 2017: The Rutland Centre, Ireland’s best known addiction treatment centre has published advice for recognising the signs of an addiction problem in advance of the Gold Cup Race at Cheltenham on St Patrick’s Day on Friday.The advice is directed at companies who might organise a Sweep for the Gold Cup in the office and individuals themselves.

Although specifically designed for gambling addiction, the following signs could be applied to most addictions:

  • Preoccupation with gambling. Thinking about it more often, and finding more ways to gamble across the day/week.

  • For managers you might notice staff online quite often, on betting websites or even nipping out at lunchtime to place bets this week.

  • Beginning to feel shame and guilt related to gambling, but doing it anyway.

  • Withdrawing from relationships with family or friends to engage in gambling.

  • Being secretive and hiding your gambling from family or friends.

  • Spending more than you intend to, or can afford to, on gambling.

  • Chasing/trying to regain losses by gambling more.

  • Spending money that is not yours on gambling.

  • Mood swings/tension/stress/unhappiness/depression.

  • Being unable to stop gambling despite your best efforts.

CEO of the Rutland Centre, Maebh Leahy said: “The Gold Cup is one of the most popular horse racing events amongst Irish people and this year it coincides with our national holiday festivities.Over the coming weeks, we are expecting hits to our website and enquiries on our phonelines to increase significantly in the fallout from the St Patrick’s Day and Cheltenham festivities. We believe this is partly due to the immediate accessibility of online gambling apps on phones and the relentless targeting and promotion by book-makers and alcohol suppliers.”

“Once again we are calling for the Gambling Control Bill 2013 to be passed by the Government.The industry, which is worth millions, is still unregulated in Ireland and the simple fact is that the lack of legislation is putting citizens of this country in serious risk.”

The Rutland Centre will be offering FREE Family Support Workshops for family members in need of support on 22nd March and 5th and 19th April.

Maebh concluded**:** “While we fully respect that many people will drink and bet responsibly and safely, we are asking people to acknowledge that there are thousands of others throughout the country who can’t partake in these activities without putting themselves and their family members in serious harm and they need our support during this time.”

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