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Help us celebrate 40 years of Recovery #giverecoveryavoice

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The Rutland Centre is 40!

What has Recovery Meant to You and Your Family?

Rutland Centre calls on approximately 10,000 former clients to Share Stories of Recovery over Last 40 Years.

12th June 2018: The Rutland Centre, Ireland’s foremost addiction treatment centre is celebrating its 40th birthday this year. As part of its celebrations the Centre is asking some of the 10,000 people who have been through its doors since it first opened in 1978, to share their stories.

The stories will be shared by the Rutland, as part of its Recovery Month in September to demonstrate that addiction is no longer something to hide or to be ashamed of. It is hoped the stories will inspire those in need to reach for Recovery.

Maebh Mullany, Chief Executive of the Rutland Centre said: “Since we first opened, society has evolved and the types of addictions we treat have evolved also. Alcohol addiction remains a constant problem in our communities unfortunately but we have also seen, especially in the last 10 years, the growth in prevalence of new addictions such as gambling. Traditionally, it was mainly men who we saw presenting for treatment. These days, we see men and women of all ages, often presenting with multiple addictions.”

Maebh continued: “As we enter our next phase, one thing that we are striving to change is the stigma associated with addiction that we believe prevents so many people in need from coming forward. Every time we attend an event or run a campaign we meet people who themselves have been through the Rutland or have a family member who has and it’s always so heartening to hear that they are doing well. To celebrate our 40 years, for this year’s Recovery Month, we are asking our former clients or their families to help us to break this stigma associated with addiction, by making contact with us to share their stories of Recovery and to give families throughout Ireland, hope for the future.”

The Rutland Centre is hoping that people will help them to give ‘Recovery a Voice’ by sharing their stories of their journey to Recovery.The Centre is offering a multitude of options for people to share their stories including: letters, emails, video clips, phone calls, social media (Facebook and Twitter) or the media.

To share your story with the Rutland Centre, please visit the Rutland Centre’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/rutlandcentre/, Twitter @RutlandCentre, or please contact Maebh Mullany at the Rutland Centre directly on 01 4946358 / MaebhMullany@rutlandcentre.ie.

Please note that the Rutland Centre may wish to publish stories on its website or in the media.No stories will be shared with third parties without prior consent.

Irish Times June 2018

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