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Don’t Chase Your Losses! Rutland Centre’s #TOPTIP for this Sporting Weekend

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16th March 2017: This week and weekend we are encouraging people to be aware of problem gambling in advance of a busy weekend of sporting activity, including the Gold Cup at Cheltenham today, 16th March and #SuperSaturday on St Patrick’s Day, 17th March 2018.

Chief Executive of the Rutland Centre, Maebh Mullany:

“Friday is a huge day for book-makers with the Gold Cup taking place at Cheltenham. This is followed by a day of major sporting events on Saturday, including the much-anticipated Six Nations rugby match between Ireland and England, the Premier League matches in the UK and the GAA All Ireland Club Finals.

For people who are in Recovery, now is the time to plan your weekend in advance and reach out to your support network. For others who may be betting over the weekend, be aware that gambling is an activity that carries risk and not just for those in addiction. We would advise everyone betting to exercise caution and most importantly to never chase your losses.”

The Rutland Centre is encouraging people to be aware of the following signs of addiction amongst family friends and colleagues:

  • Preoccupation with gambling. This includes thinking about it more often and finding more ways to gamble across the day/weekend.

  • Spending more time online - you might notice colleagues online more often, on betting websites or even nipping out at lunchtime to place bets.

  • Beginning to feel shame and guilt related to gambling but doing it anyway.

  • Withdrawing from relationships with family or friends to engage in gambling.

  • Being secretive and hiding gambling from family or friends.

  • Spending more than you intend to, or can afford to, on gambling.

  • Spending money that is not yours on gambling.

  • Mood swings/tension/stress/unhappiness/depression.

  • Being unable to stop gambling despite your best efforts.

  • Chasing/trying to regain losses by gambling more.

Anyone who is worried about themselves, a family member, friend or colleague can contact the Rutland Centre and/or Gamblers Anonymous at the following numbers:

Gamblers Anonymous:

  • Dublin: 01-8721133

  • Cork: 087-2859552

  • Galway: 086-3494450

  • Tipperary: 085-7831045

  • Kerry: 087-4266633

  • Waterford: 087-1850294

  • Waterford: 086-2683538

Rutland Centre:


For media queries contact:

Aoife O’Donnell, Account Director, Vital Communications

01 2958448 / 0874130032 /

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