Professionalism and experience

Our team includes experienced professionals with years of experience in addiction treatment. It includes a Medical Director (Consultant Psychiatrist) and a Clinical Director together with skilled and trained Counsellors. The clinical team at Rutland Centre is multidisciplinary and includes psychotherapists, addiction counsellors, clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists and nurses. All of our counsellors are accredited members of their respective professional bodies including Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI), Irish Association for Counselling Psychotherapists (IACP), Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP), Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), and undertake regular training on new and emerging issues.

Rutland Centre also has an attending GP who visits every week (or as required) and we have experienced addiction nurses on site each afternoon, evening and through the night. Additional doctors, physicians, psychiatrists, and emergency hospital services are always available when necessary.

All of the staff at Rutland Centre, from the Board of Directors, Counsellors, Administration, Nursing, and Facilities staff are dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and highly confidential environment for our Clients.

Maebh Mullany

Chief Executive

Maebh joined the Rutland Centre in 2015 and is responsible for all aspects of the business from strategic planning to daily operations. Maebh has a primary bachelors degree from Waterford… Read More

Dr John O Connor

Medical Director

Dr John John O Connor, Consultant Psychiatrist, leads our Clinical Team in the delivery of all services. As a director, Dr O Connor takes an active role in both governance of the Rutland and… Read More

Emma Kavanagh

Clinical Services Manager

Emma is our Clinical Services Manager and is responsible for leading the various clinical teams across Residential, Outpatient, Aftercare and Assessment departments. Along with the CEO and… Read More

Graeme Leitch

Administration Manager

Graeme has over 30 years’ experience within the Administrative and Facilities working environment. His experience also includes Human Resources, Recruitment, Records Management, Project… Read More

Mary Lacey

Assessments and Admissions

Mary has worked in Rutland for 14 years. She works primarily in the area of assessments & admissions, and also works with residential clients through the medium of Art (Art Therapy).… Read More

Declan Murray

Continuing Care Coordinator

Declan is our Continuing Care Co- Ordinator with responsibility for all clients and family members who are using our services. He has experience in the pre-treatment area and is very… Read More

Teresa Daly

Counselling Psychologist

Teresa Daly is a Registered Counselling Psychologist. She completed her undergraduate studies in Honours Psychology at Trinity College Dublin in 1993, her Masters of Science in Counselling… Read More

Gerry Cooney

Outpatients Addiction Counsellor

Gerry Cooney is a specialist Addiction Counsellor and has worked at the Rutland Centre for many years. Gerry is responsible for the Outpatients program and also assists in assessments and admissions. Read More

Mary Manning


Mary Manning joined the team in 2016 and has a BSc. Psychotherapy; Diploma in Addiction studies; Certificates/ Diplomas in Neurolinguistic Programming; She has worked in counseling; imago… Read More

Paddy Lyons

Continuing Care Counsellor

Paddy Lyons currently works in Continuing Care as an addiction counsellor providing essential support to clients and their families who have completed the residential or outpatients program. Read More

Michael Woods

Psychotherapist / Specialist Addiction Counsellor

Michael Woods joined Rutland Centre in 2018 and has a Higher Dip: Counselling & Psychotherapy, Certified Reality Therapist MIACP, MACI, MWGII. Michael has worked in the field for addiction… Read More

Louise Boland

Clinical Assistant

Louise is our Clinical Assistant and works closely with our residential and outpatient teams conducting psychological assessments and supporting care plan needs. She has worked in the field… Read More

The Nursing Team

Pictures are Mary Gannon, Catherine Carrol and Mary Lee who are each members of the nursing team that provides invaluable support and encouragement, as well as care to clients during their… Read More

Michael Duggan

Maintenance and Gardens

Michael is responsible for looking after our listed building and gardens. Read More

Accounts and Reception

Pictured are Caroline Owens (accounts) and Pauline Holmes and Danielle Donohue (Reception). All 3 provide essential support services to clients and team members alike. Read More