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Rutland Centre
Over 37 years of experience +353 1 494 6358

Rutland Centre

We help people transform their lives by providing the highest quality of research based treatment and aftercare services in addiction. Our multidisciplinary team specialises in helping individuals and families struggling with a range of addictions to substances including alcohol and drugs (prescribed or otherwise).

The Rutland Centre is a registered charity and since it was founded in 1978 it has grown into the largest and most respected private addiction rehabilitation centre in Ireland. Our residential programme is drug free, and we work together with G.P’s, Psychiatrists, and the individual to support them in becoming free of mood altering medication where appropriate, prior to entry into the centre.

We are based in south Dublin and out team of experienced counsellors have years of expertise in dealing with addiction issues. We are available 24 hours a day by telephone for support, advice and information. Rutland Centre is a fully Accredited CHKS Healthcare organisation since 2009.

Our Staff

Our team includes experienced professionals with years of experience in addiction. It includes a Medical Director (Consultant Psychiatrist) and a Clinical Director together with skilled and trained Counsellors. The clinical team at Rutland Centre is m

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Residential Treatment: Our residential treatment is a 5 week treatment with a primary focus on group therapy. Group therapy provides an

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I loved living in a community and relating to others. I found the therapy groups very good and learned a lot from the elctures and workshops. I feel that all aspects of the programme encourage change and growth

CHKS Healthcare

Rutland Centre is a fully Accredited CHKS Healthcare organisation since 2009.