Support our Work

There are a number of ways in which you can get support the work that we do here the Rutland Centre. We are always very grateful for any support that we receive, whether that be through financial support, volunteering or simply by putting us in touch with someone that you think could help.

Donating: At the Rutland Centre, we pride ourselves on discretion, confidentiality and transparency and have signed up to the Guiding Principals for Fundraising. Before you donate, please take some time to ensure that we meet your expectations in these respects. You can access all of our governance information here and read about our partnership program below.

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the Rutland Centre and we are always very grateful for any support we get.

To Make a Donation

You can make a once-off donation to the treatment assistance fund using the “donate now” directly above

You can also set up a regular donation by completing a Standing Order Form. This means that every month you will contribute towards someone’s treatment! To request a Standing Order Form and instructions for completing it, please contact our CEO Maebh Mullany at or phone 01-4946358

Thank you for your support - we really appreciate your donation. It will play a direct and important role in helping someone in need of rehabilitation from their addiction.

Partnering with Us

We are always interested in engaging with and seeking new partnerships with local businesses, community groups and individuals.

Our immediate focus is to connect with the many groups interested in what we aim to achieve at the Rutland Centre; to learn more about how we can work together to further enhance the impact of the Rutland Centre; and, to seek and develop new relationships with potential partners and supporters.

Through these partnerships, we are seeking to build upon the work that we do in three important areas:

Access – To enhance our ability to financially assist individuals in accessing treatment at the Rutland Centre

Impact – To carefully develop, implement and measure new elements to our treatment program, in order to address the growing needs of our clients, their families and support networks

Education – To develop the capacity to train other qualified counsellors in treatment methods that we have proven over time to be highly effective in enabling recovery

If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to discuss ways to potentially partner with or support the Rutland Centre and/or leave a gift in your will, please contact Maebh Mullany at We would be delighted to hear from you!

We look forward to bringing you more information about this exciting new initiative over the coming months.

Leave a Meaningful Legacy

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment ensures support for the whole family, enabling families to repair relationships and often to break the inter-generational cycle of addiction that devastates so many families in Ireland.  

Maebh Mullany, CEO, Leaving a legacy is one of the most personally empowering decisions you will ever make. It reflects your personal journey and values; it demonstrates how much you value others and what you want to protect for future generations. Remembering The Rutland Centre with a gift of any size is a generous and inspiring way for you to help families overcome addiction beyond your own lifetime.

Caring for and about others, being open to helping others in the midst of their own difficult journey with addiction and perhaps even paying forward the help that you once received yourself are values which I believe all those within the recovery community and the Rutland Centre share. By including the Rutland Centre in your Will, you are ensuring that these values remain, even after you have gone.”