You can turn to us

Recognising that you are in a cycle of addiction is very distressing and it probably feels like you have nowhere to turn and nobody to turn to.

Ring us now in total confidence on 01-4946358 and speak to one of our team. Our addiction specialists can give you advice – without any commitment or obligation on your part. We know that this may be the first time you have reached out for help and we will do our best to support you and offer you a safe place to turn.

If you feel ready and willing to change, and think that you may benefit from rehabilitation, the next thing to do is come in and talk to us! We call this an assessment but really it’s an opportunity for you to tell us what’s going on and for us to decide together with you if you are ready and able for treatment and rehabilitation. This costs €200 and we would encourage you to bring along a family member or friend – it can be a lot to take in and you may also feel more comfortable with a bit of moral support!